Safe Servicing

When it comes to safe servicing, we are your premier solution! We are highly trained and equipped to take care of any safe servicing need. From emergency opening to repairing and moving we can do it all!


We can open any safe! This is a bold statement but we have invested heavily in the education and equipment needed to effectively open any safe. When we are called to open a safe we arrive with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment so that we can open your safe quickly so that you continue with your day. Our safe technicians have invested many hours in training so that they can effectively identify the problem and quickly correct it. In fact, 2 of the only 3 Certified Professional Safe techs in the STATE work in our company!


Tired of trying that combination many times before it finally opens? Are you tired of having to tug on the door to open it because the door drags? We can help! We can repair that lock or replace it will a modern digital entry lock that can give you true control of your cash. See our information on Cash Management Safes for more information. We can adjust the door so it doesn’t drag to relieve your sore muscles from fighting the door.


Many safes are actually stolen and later opened at the burglars leisure. Proper installation will help prevent them from carrying off your possessions that are “securely locked in the safe”. We will make sure that the safe is level so that the heavy door doesn’t slam shut or swing open by itself. A properly installed safe will keep someone from packing it off as well as allowing proper door swing.


Safes are heavy! Why try to move them yourself risking hurting yourself and your friends when we are have the equipment to safely move and transport your safe. Yes, it is expensive, but how valuable is your well being?

Our Values

  • Local, Family Owned and Operated
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • AAA Affiliation
  • Storefront Location
  • Mobile Locksmith Service
  • Factory Certified Technicians