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Residential locks can help transform your home into a breathtaking dream home. The shiny brass finish is appealing to the eye and the solid feel of the heavy knob gives a sense of security. The lock on your front door says a lot about the people inside. Whether you want to portray a successful image or just want a good lock that will work when you want it to we can help.

What to look for

We believe that the basic security device on any home should be a good solid deadbolt on all exterior doors. This is basic protection that is easy to install and will lower your insurance rates. Things to look for in a good deadbolt are the standard 1inch throw and a strike plate that has long screws that not only go into the doorframe but also go into the stud behind. Without this extra stability it can be easy for the bad guys to get in. We can even supply a strike plate that incorporates a long solid steel pin that securely connects the frame to the stud.

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