Free Standing Safes

Here you will find some basic information on free standing safes. To see what safes we have in stock, please navigate to the main Safe Products page to view our in-stock safe gallery!

Freestanding safes come in different styles to best meet your needs. These include depository safes, cash management safes, and plate safes.

Depository safes allow you and your employees to make insert cash or other deposits without having to open the safe. These safes can have several ways of making these deposits including a simple slot, a top loading hopper, a front loading hopper, or a chute so that a deposit can be made through the wall of a building.

Cash Management safes are electronically controlled safes that help control internal theft. These safes can include an external deposit and typically have multiple compartments for varying uses and users. The electronic locks can control access and keep track of who opened the safe and when.

Plate safes are safes that have the most security from burglary attempts. These safes are made of solid steel in varying thickness and incorporate devices designed to keep burglars out.

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